Is this event really FREE? (Yes!)

Even though this is our fifth year having a Doors Open event in Clarington, we still hear from people that either have never heard of Doors Open and want to know more, or ask us how much the tickets cost to get on the tour. We love that we are still attracting new people to Doors Open Clarington and are very happy to answer any of your questions.

So, to answer the question in our title – Yes, this entire day is ABSOLUTELY FREE! It costs zero, zip, zilch, nadda and nothing.

It is part of Doors Open Ontario’s mandate that all of our sites be open to the public free of charge. We are able to bring you this event for free, thanks to our great bunch of dedicated volunteers (if you want to become one, click here) and our generous sponsors (check them out here). We couldn’t do it without them, so make sure you thank them on Doors Open day.

Some of our sites will have items for sale (including food and beverages for lunch) but admission to the sites will always be free.

So bring your husband, wife, children, grandchildren, grandparents, parents and even your dog! (some of our sites are pet friendly).

For other Doors Open related questions, check out this list of FAQs  on Doors Open Ontario’s website.


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