Does it feel like Spring yet?

It’s March! It may not feel like spring yet but it’s right around the corner. With spring approaching, it means that Doors Open Clarington is just over 3 months away!

Not only will Doors Open day be a lot warmer than today, it’ll display the best that Clarington has to offer in spring. Green grass, fresh air and beautiful flowers! Speaking of flowers, you should check out our 2016 Sites page (click here), where you can see some of the colourful flowers that will be on display at Rosemary’s Gardens. While you are there you can check out the other 11 sites that will be available on Doors Open day, June 11th. This year’s event features everything from fire trucks to bowling alleys to historic home renovations.

If you want to be a part of our volunteer team, click on the link at the top of the page called “BECOME A VOLUNTEER!” We are still accepting volunteers to help plan the day as well event volunteers on June 11th.

For the latest news on Doors Open Clarington, follow us on twitter (@DOClarington) or like us on Facebook (



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