DOC Sites Announcement!

Spring is upon us and that means that we are inching closer and closer to Doors Open Clarington.

We are excited to announce some of our new and returning sites to Doors Open Clarington 2017. On June 10, 2017, you will be able to explore everything from ski hills to tobacco kilns to historic homes.

Here’s the list (for now):

  • Brimacombe
  • Clarke Museum – Clarington Museums and Archives
  • Dare to Dream Bee Farm
  • Harvey Jackson Memorial Park
  • Kendal Community Hall
  • Kendal Crown Lands
  • Kendal Orange Lodge L.O.L. 405
  • Kendal United Church
  • Kendal Walking Tour
  • McLean/Elliott/New Connection Methodist Cemetery
  • Think BFAB
  • Tobacco Kilns

Stay tuned for further updates and information about the activities at each site during Doors Open Clarington by connecting with us on Twitter and Facebook @DOClarington


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