Live Music, Goodies and Quilts at the Kendal United Church


Photo: Christine McSorley

The congregation of Kendal United Church invites you to bring your family to come check out the beautiful stained glass windows and history of their church.

The church features eight stained glass windows and wooden pews that are over one hundred years old! On display at the Kendal United Church will be quilts, both new and old, along with historical artifacts from the church’s past.
Some of the artifacts that you can see at the Kendal United Church include:
  • A collection of Butternick patterns from the early 1900’s
  • Fashions from the 1960’s
  • A display of small carvings from the church’s past
  • Violins display

Do you like live music? Special music will be played at 2PM featuring the church’s piano and violins! If you can’t come at 2 don’t worry, as their will be music played throughout the day on the church’s vintage pump organ.

Muffins, tea biscuits, tea and coffee will be available for purchase during the day. Proceeds from the sale of these goodies will go towards the maintenance and upkeep of the Kendal United Church.

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