Thank You for Another Great Day!

IMG_6552Another Doors Open Clarington is in the books! We were fortunate to get nice weather in a spring that was rather rainy. The crowds made the drive out to Kendal to see the wonderful sites that we had on display and meet the people that make these sites what they are. The numbers are still being tallied but we are very pleased to report that we had another successful Doors Open event.

Our thanks go out to our generous sponsors, who without them this event would not be possible. Please take the time to see them all on our sponsors page here. Thank you to our amazing group of extremely dedicated volunteers. It’s nice to see all of the Doors Open people that you have not seen since the previous year. Thank you to the people that opened up their businesses, farms, and homes for all of us to check out. Lastly, thanks to our visitors! You are the reason that we go through it all and we thank you for your support year after year.

Planning is already underway for the 2018 edition of Doors Open Clarington and we can’t wait to share with you where we are taking the event next year!


One thought on “Thank You for Another Great Day!

  1. Congrats, all of you! Wish I could have visited more places, but I very much enjoyed being stationed at The Grange. The farm was beautiful, I met lovely people (including some descendants of the original owners, the Elliott family), and of course, the Boothmans and volunteers were perfect hosts.


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