Site Profile: Port Granby Legacy Waste Management Facility

Port Granby Water Project Aariel PG site map

When you drive along Lakeshore Road in Clarington, there is not a lot of activity on most days. It’s a fairly quiet portion of the Municipality of Clarington. The Port Granby Legacy Waste Management Facility site is certainly the most active part of the hamlet of Port Granby these days. So what is going on there? Why the flurry of activity? In order to answer those questions, one has to go back in time.

In 2001 an agreement was signed between the Government of Canada and the municipalities of Port Hope and Clarington, which launched the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI). As part of the PHAI,  the Port Granby Project began. The Port Granby Project involves the relocation of approximately 450,000 cubic metres of historic low-level radioactive waste and contaminated soil from the original dump site on the south side of Lakeshore Road, to a new site one kilometre inland. The new site is being constructed to store historic low-level radioactive waste and contaminated soil in an above ground, engineered mound that will safely contain the waste for hundred of years to come. A new waste water treatment plant has been built to treat all water generated by project activities, and an internal waste haul road has been constructed to ensure that none of the contaminated soil is transported on public roads. Canadian Nuclear Laboratories is implementing the project on behalf of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, a federal Crown corporation.

What does the future hold for this land? Only 95 hectares of the 270 hectares owned by the federal government are under the control of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories. The future use of the remaining 175 hectares is still to be determined. The hope is that the land will be used for agricultural purposes or be converted into parklands as part of the Port Granby Nature Reserve.

On Saturday, come to the Port Granby Legacy Waste Management Facility to learn more about this fascinating project. Your experience at the site will begin at the intersection of Nicholls Road and Lakeshore Road. Make sure that you come early, as the site will be accepting it’s last guests at 2:30pm.

More information about the history of the project is available at THIS LINK.

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