Site Profile: The Love Hotel


Before Highway 401 was opened south of Newtonville in 1942, “Highway 2” was the main thoroughfare for travellers driving between Toronto and Kingston. Along Highway 2, people required places to stop and rest on what used to be a long journey (by stage coach) on roads that were not in the same shape as we see roads today. Rest stops and hotels sprung up all along Highway 2 to serve the travelling public. In Newtonville, the Love Hotel served that purpose. The property has since been converted into a private residence.

Constructed in 1856, the Love Hotel consists of two buildings; the house and barn. Both buildings were constructed using the wooden peg and post style of construction. The barn was the original stable for the horses while the house welcomed the human guests for the night. The house guests slept in the travellers’ parlour, which is now the master bedroom of the house.

Now the home boasts modern amenities but it does not forget it’s roots. The owners have kept the original pine floors in the living room; the lights are operated using the original push button lighting system. During recent renovations, the owners repurposed the original tongue and groove ceiling planks, and incorporated those elsewhere in the house. What did they do with those planks? You’ll have to come to the Love Hotel on Saturday to find out!

The owners will have a display of some of the tongue and grove wood that came out of the ceiling in the kitchen as well as odds and ends they have found in the house while doing renovations. Some of these items include a vintage boot button, thimble, medicine bottle, lantern filler, and hair pins.  They have also saved many of the square nails that came out of the house.  The table in the gazebo is made from a repurposed barn door.  Inside the barn, the owners will give you a tour where they can point out the pegs holding the structure together as well as the beams.

Make sure to come visit before 4pm, when there will be no more vacancy at the Love Hotel.

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