Site Profile: Doctor’s House

The house was built in 1886 and was home to the local Doctor in Newtonville. The house was purchased by the current owners two years ago and is currently undergoing renovations to modernize it.

The push button knob and tube electrical switches have been removed (due to insurance requirements) and replaced with modern outlets and wiring. A modern furnace was installed to replace the 25-year-old furnace that was previously in the house. New insulation was added to make the home more efficient. The laundry room was moved from the upstairs bathroom to the wardrobe closet and new plumbing installed. This was the “dressing room” in the past.

The most extensive renovations were in the back room. Everything in the back room was removed, down to the studs and floor joists. These renovations revealed boards on the walls between 18 and 20 inches thick with a notched construction. Since then, the owners have leveled the floors and replaced everything in the bathroom. Wood flooring was installed. They opened up the ceiling, revealing beams that were covered up by previous owners during another renovation.

There is original wood trim finishes with faux mahogany, original grates, doors. The barn is post and beam with pole roof support.

On display at the house, there will be a small collection of publications ranging from 1908 to 1916. The publications were found in the attic during the installation of the insulation. Two of the reports are from the Women’s Institute and chronicle the lives of women in Ontario in 1910 and 1912. There is a copy of the Farmers Magazine from January 1916 that speaks of the challenges facing farmers during that time.

Guests visiting the Doctor’s House will have the opportunity to look at these publications and tour the main floor of the house.

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