Selby Farms

Selby Farms is home to a modern and professional practice. They have a focus in seed management, cropping, and elevator services and on June 8th, they’re opening their doors for the public to explore. People will have the opportunity to meet with the owners and full-time staff to learn more about the operations, business, and roles all needed to run the farm.

The Selby and Osborne families have been farming in Clarke (now a part Clarington) since before confederation. With the current owners’ sons being involved, they’re onto their 6th generaton for both the Selby and Osborne families! The family still owns the lands that were deeded to them by the crown upon immigration in 1861.
They have just concluded a complete overhaul of the electrical infrastructure of the elevator. An automated system controls drying and grain movement. Guests will get to learn the process from seed planting, management, harvest, storage and drying to transport and marketing of commodities corn, soybeans, and wheat.
On June 8th, cropping equipment will be visable and guests are encouraged to walk between the rows of corn. The crops will all be growing at the time and will provide an excellent educational opporunity. Come out to learn about all Selby has to offer!