2018 SITES & MAP

2018 date coming soon!

Doors Open Clarington is proud to feature sites in (insert village), Ontario for 2018. Take a look at the latest sites to be part of this year’s event. Locations are open from 10AM-4PM.

Download the 2018 Doors Open Clarington Brochure Guide

Open the 2018 DOC Google Map






10 thoughts on “2018 SITES & MAP

  1. There will be homemade pie and ice cream for sale at the Tyrone United Church. You may eat inside, or enjoy your treat in the Foundation Garden, behind the church, if the weather cooperates!


  2. I was looking for addresses of the doors open sites but I do not see this info on the downloadable map or this website. Do you have addresses available?


    • Hi Tammy, St. Mary’s Cement is NOT participating in the 2015 edition of Doors Open Clarington. They were very generous and sponsored us for the 2015 event but they will not be a site. Thanks for your interest!


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