2019 Sites & Map

Doors Open Clarington is proud to feature sites just east of Bowmanville, Ontario for 2019. Take a look at the tour and plan to be part of this year’s event. Locations are open from 10AM-4PM unless otherwise noted.


2019 Doors Open Clarington Brochure – AVAILABLE HERE


Algoma Orchards Store and Processing Plant

Algoma Orchards has a 160,000 sq. ft. packing and storage facility and have plans to add 80,000 square feet of storage space over the next few years.  They pack apples for Canadian retailers 12 months of the year and pack up to 8,000 boxes of fresh Ontario apples in a single day. They also have a 16,000 square feet apple juice facility that presses and bottles up to 9 million litres of fresh apple cider annually.

Parking, full wheelchair access, washrooms, kid-friendly, washrooms, guided tours, and food available.


Algoma Orchards

Algoma Orchards is proud to grow over 1100 acres of apples on the north shore of Lake Ontario in the Municipality of Clarington. They grow many different kinds of apples on our state of the art planting systems. Their main varieties that they ship to retailers across Canada are Gala, Honeycrisp, Ambrosia and McIntosh. They currently grow 750,000 bushels of apples annually and over the next 5 years, their production will grow to over 1 million bushels of fresh apples.

Parking, partial wheel chair access, kid-friendly, guided tours


Benrise Farms

For over 70 years the Benschop family have owned & operated this 3rd generation dairy farm. Approximately 250 registered Holsteins are housed on the farm. 100 plus cows are milked twice daily in a double 8 parlour. Learn what loose housing, free-stall, parlour, and calf hutches are and more. Durham East 4-H will also provide displays and information.

Food, portable toilet, kid-friendly, guided tours, partial wheel chair accessible, parking


Ceresmore Farms Limited

John and Maria Rickard emigrated from England in 1847. Their son purchased the home farm here in 1866– named Ceresmore for the Greek goddess Ceres (also the root of “cereals”). Jim and Don, fifth-generation Rickard farmers, currently farm 1,200 acres for seed. During Doors Open, visitors will be able to explore the seed cleaning plant, the historical home and barn.

Parking, kid friendly, self-guided tours 

Gibson Centry Home IMG_1585

Gibson Century Home

Arriving around 1832, the Gibson’s built this house approximately 1834 furnishing it with pieces brought with them from Northern England; see originals still in use today.  Back half of house replaced in 1953, pool added 30 years ago, new wrap around veranda added 5 years ago.  The family has been growing apples since late 1890s; 7 generations farming full time.

Parking, self-guided tours

Lane Family Farm IMG_0902 (3)

Lane Family Farm

The Lane homestead was established in the early 1900s with the house having been built in 1906 by George and Gertrude (nee Crago) Lane. The house recently renovated, retains the original wood trim and pocket doors into the living room. Some furnishings from the era still remain including GP Walter Co 1860s Bowmanville chairs. Also look forward to seeing the lovely gardens!

Parking, self-guided tours


Link Greenhouses

The little greenhouse that grew, just north of Bowmanville on Bragg Rd. 

Link Greenhouses was established in 1992 by Lisa and Henk Mulders. (The name LINK is the LI from Lisa and the NK from Henk)  In 1992 Link Greenhouses grew 5,000 tomatoes plants and are now growing over 20,000 tomato plants and 5,000 English cucumber plants. You can taste their produce from the end of March until late November. It is a family run operation with their sons, Christopher and Nicholas (CNPRODUCE) expanding to the outside growing asparagus and potatoes.

Parking, full wheelchair access, washrooms, kid-friendly, self-guided tours available

59519756_2399420763423956_1860411572988411904_n (1)

Mostert Greenhouses

Mostert Greenhouses is a family business that started growing cut roses in 1979. Now onto the second generation, at their location in Bowmanville, they still strive to give customers the quality product a local market will give you. Open Monday through Saturday, Closed on Sundays. The bulk of our growing season is April to December. Come and enjoy the beautiful greenhouses and roses.

Parking, partial wheelchair access, kid friendly, and guided tours

one life

One Life Organic Farm

One Life is a Certified Organic Farm. They grow a wide assortment of vegetables and fruit without the use of any chemicals, pesticides or fungicides and no GMO. Organic pastured chicken and eggs. Honey and products made with only organic ingredients – soups, preserves, elderberry syrup and so much more! Come and learn what it takes to be “organic”.

Parking, Partial wheelchair access, kid-friendly, self-guided tours available.


Providence Cemetery

Providence, a quiet rural four corner area with rich local history. A Bible Christian Cemetery with 88 burials; the first Elizabeth Ann Bragg 1846; last Rebecca (Werry) Peardon 1919.  

Rev. Paul Robins, a pioneer of the Bible Christian movement in North American & author establishing The Book Room in Bowmanville, and his wife Ann are buried in this cemetery.

Parking, partial wheelchair access, kid-friendly, self-guided tours available


Rekker Greenhouses

A gardening family well known for its quality and variety of products for well over 50 years, the Rekker Greenhouses and garden centre divisions are worth a visit.  The new greenhouse development serving their wholesale customers is an example of modern technology at its best with an opportunity for guests to see how it’s all done. Come and see what it looks like having 4 acres under cover!

Guided tours, parking, kid-friendly, partial accessibility

Selby Farm IMG_0914

Selby Farms

The Selby family run two successful farm operations, Newcastle Grain Elevator, and Selby Farms. Handling everything from seed management, to growing and producing corn, soybeans and wheat.  They operate a drying, elevator and storage facility (about 12000 ton capacity); also transporting the commodities produced and stored.  Come learn how much there is to helping “feed the world”.

Guided tours, parking, kid-friendly, partial accessibility


Stone Hollow

Tour the main floor of this 1840’s century home and enjoy the gardens. Original one and a half level main house built of 25” thick stone walls. Some internal walls in the dining and living room areas have been uncovered providing a view of the original stonework with imbedded wood blocks; also making visible the original timbers framing the doorways.

Guided tours, parking, partial accessibility


Vissers Nursery and Sod Farm

A family owned and operated business taking pride in producing premium quality sod and providing excellent service for customers who enjoy working directly with the producer; growing, delivering, and installing sod throughout Ontario since 1988.  Located on over 700 acres of sandy loam type soil; come and see some of the equipment, including irrigation, and learn how they do it!

Guided tours, parking, kid-friendly, partial accessibility






12 thoughts on “2019 Sites & Map

  1. There will be homemade pie and ice cream for sale at the Tyrone United Church. You may eat inside, or enjoy your treat in the Foundation Garden, behind the church, if the weather cooperates!


  2. I was looking for addresses of the doors open sites but I do not see this info on the downloadable map or this website. Do you have addresses available?


    • Hi Tammy, St. Mary’s Cement is NOT participating in the 2015 edition of Doors Open Clarington. They were very generous and sponsored us for the 2015 event but they will not be a site. Thanks for your interest!


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