2018 SITES & MAP

Doors Open Clarington is proud to feature sites in Newtonville and Port Granby, Ontario for 2018. Take a look at the latest sites to be part of this year’s event. Locations are open from 10AM-4PM. Check back before Doors Open day, as more sites will be added as they are confirmed.

Hilltop Farm

Hilltop Farm has been in the Elliott family since the earliest days of the English settlers (c. 1834) in Port Granby.  House and barn were built prior to1860, which was the heyday of the port.  The local sawmill cut nearby softwoods to build the framing, floors and clapboard exterior.  A hand-dug well below the kitchen penetrated the hard clay soil.


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The Love Hotel

A Belleville to York stage coach stop; constructed 1856 using peg and post in both house and barn (the original stable).  Original push button lighting, large baseboards, pine floors in the living room, and master bedroom previously the travellers’ parlor!  New and old is beautifully blended.  Learn what split lathe construction is and see repurposed use of original ceiling planks.


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Newtonville Hall

Making it’s second appearance in Doors Open Clarington, this hall was built as the Royal Templars Lodge in 1854. The Royal Templars was one of many temperance societies popular at the time. The monthly meetings of this social organization included plays, songs, readings and music. The building was restored in 1979 as the local community hall. Historical photographs of the village are on display here. Lunch Available for Purchase.


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Newtonville Cenotaph

Making it’s second appearance in Doors Open Clarington, the granite obelisk was constructed in 1902 and dedicated to the memory of Captain P. K. Milligan. In April 1943, a collision damaged the monument. The original stone base was replaced with cement and was re-erected in Memorial Garden. In 1980 it was restored and is now maintained by Branch 178 of the Royal Canadian Legion and the Municipality.


The March Hotel, located on the historical site of the Port Granby Wharf, was built in 1857 by David March. The hotel originally housed a bar room, two sitting rooms, four bedrooms, and on the grounds were a six-horse stable and a large driving shed. George Elliot purchased the property and converted it to a private residence as it remains today.


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Port Granby Legacy Waste Management Facility

The Port Granby legacy site is a remnant of Canada’s nuclear past. Through the Port Granby Project, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories is safely transporting 450,000 cubic metres of historic low-level radioactive waste away from the Lake Ontario shoreline site for long-term storage in a newly engineered facility. The waste was deposited at the legacy site between 1955 and 1988 by the former Crown corporation, Eldorado Nuclear Limited.

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10 thoughts on “2018 SITES & MAP

  1. There will be homemade pie and ice cream for sale at the Tyrone United Church. You may eat inside, or enjoy your treat in the Foundation Garden, behind the church, if the weather cooperates!


  2. I was looking for addresses of the doors open sites but I do not see this info on the downloadable map or this website. Do you have addresses available?


    • Hi Tammy, St. Mary’s Cement is NOT participating in the 2015 edition of Doors Open Clarington. They were very generous and sponsored us for the 2015 event but they will not be a site. Thanks for your interest!


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